The Best Party Band in the Land

One of my favorite bands — and my sister’s very favorite — is Duran Duran, a band who has described themselves, many times, as the Band designed to make you Party.


The following video, party-ready, is from their 2001 tour and album Astronaut.  It includes the single Wake up to the Sunrise, one my favorite songs. My sister simply loves all their music. I hope you will enjoy it too.



I hope it makes you smile.



5 thoughts on “The Best Party Band in the Land

  1. omtatjuan3 says:

    They just did a 60 minutes piece on them…

  2. Dreamer9177 says:

    I have always liked DD. I think that the greatest compliment I can pay them is that whenever you hear them, they sound different, but you always know it is them.

  3. D.G.Kaye says:

    Great band and memories! 🙂

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