8 pictures that prove just how hot The Musketeers are

I love this show. And it is good eye candy.


7566654-low_res- The four musketeers (Picture: BBC)

There’s one good reason to tune into BBC’s The Musketeers. Well, actually there’s four, and they’re all ridiculously hot. 

There are fantastic storylines, high-octane drama, a big budget, and an awesome cast, but quite frankly the four main characters are entirely too distracting.

Yep, we can be that shallow. And why not? A load of fit blokes prancing about in leather while having deadly sword fights and falling in love. Is there actually any better way to spend a Friday night? Nothing springs to mind.

The quartet are made up of Luke Pasqualino – D’Artagnan, Santiago Cabrera – Aramis, Tom Burke – Athos and Howard Charles – Porthos, the four characters charged with protecting their King and country, fighting the baddies while literally charming the pants off almost any woman they come across.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the pictorial evidence of why you should be tuning in. You’re welcome.

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