Richard Pryor knew in 1978

There really is nothing new under the sun.  Police brutality against black men is nothing new, as you can see from this routine that the great Richard Pryor did in 1978.  (Caution: Strong Language)

Remember, every human being is equal.  We are all brothers and sisters in one family and one world.  We made need to say it louder and longer, but we can do that, you and I.  One Family on Mother Earth.  One Race – The Human Race.

7 thoughts on “Richard Pryor knew in 1978

  1. Of course we’re all equal but do we really believe it and do we practise it?
    Thank You for sharing this…and hope you’re feeling better.
    Best to You

  2. Ms. Vee says:

    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Miami has always been like this. But another dimension has been added beside race. The cops know who most of the thugs are and they invent probable cause to shot black men because they feel they are “cleaning up” the hood. So it is beyond just race.

  4. Once we all know that there will be a battle of the rich vs the poor.

    • Yes, the rich often move against the poor. It isn’t a reason to give up. Never give up. We all matter. Stand up and tell people your truth, that equality is important. We are all part of one family…the human family. Hugs, Barbara

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