Healing Mother Earth

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Yesterday, I spent at a Manet exhibit. It was a very good one and it got me thinking about our precious planet. I was thinking about what is taking place in 2012. The Northern Ice Cap is melting. The North Pole is now an island. The levels of our oceans and seas are rising. I believe this is a combination of the cycles of our planet and the poor care we are taking of our planet.

As the water levels rise, we will see a worsening of storms and their damage. Lower Manhattan is in a dangerous position and the damage from Sandy will look small in the future. The Carribean Islands will face flooding danger and Hawaii. In Europe, there will be certain flooding and danger in Venice and other land that is lower and therefore will easily flood. The icepack in Antartica is melting much faster than scientists have expected. This does not bode well for any of us.

We are adding many chemicals to the atmosphere. I have Asthma and live in Northern America, I watch the air quality reports and in the past there was only concern in the summertime. Now, in the winter, there are alerts for sensitive people.

At the present time, we are experiencing many more severe storms. It is pure denial to ignore the scientific research that scientists are doing. I know that not all scientists agree but they all feel we are adding toxic emissions into the atmosphere. The problem that I see, is if we don’t take the advise of the scientists, if they are correct about the amount of damage we might suffer, we could end up with a dead planet. Which means that all the animals and people will die. As sad and awful as this prospect is, we could hardly complain because we have been warned,

Yes, some of the changes scientists are suggesting can be expensive. Truthfully, do you want to have to explain to those alive then why the planet is dying and so are they. It seems an easy choice for me. Death or listening to the people actually doing the research.

Now, the politicians have many opinions but I don’t trust them to make the right decisions for the people. Would you when they can’t even work together to write a budget? I really don’t want to end my life carrying the guilt that I could have done more and yet I did not.

Our planet is filled with so much beauty and has been a wonderful planet for us to live on. We don’t want to damage that. So we need to work together with the scientists to find out what can be done within each and every portion of the world to begin the work of saving Mother Earth. There will be catastrophe if we do not take heed and work to heal our planet.

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I Will Walk Easy

We are at a place in time when we can no longer view ourselves as separate from our planet. Each of us has inner spiritual work to do, but we must accept that we are totally part of the living Mother Earth. Healing ourselves and working to resolve the ecology of our planet is the same work. Healing involves making ourselves and our planet whole again. If we can destroy Gaia with our actions, then we can also heal her and ourselves in the process. We are fields of energy integrated with our world. We can reestablish the balance on our planet and allow for her to heal herself.  The balance will allow us to heal also.

“I have come to terms with the future.

From this day onward I will walk

easy on the earth. Plant trees.

Kill no living things.

Live in harmony with all creatures.

I will restore the earth where I am.

Use no more of its resources than I need.

And listen, listen to what it is telling me.”

—M.J. Slim Hooey

” My help is in the mountains

Where I take myself to heal

the earthly wounds

That people give to me.”

  —-Nancy woods