Oil and Gas Lease to Auction 840 Acres Near Chaco Culture National Historical Park

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Oil and Gas Lease to Auction 840 Acres Near Chaco Culture National Historical Park

There is a real push for oil and gas development in and near our national lands. One such effort is underway with new vigor in New Mexico, near the Chaco Culture National Historical Park.

The auction is set for Jan. 25th at 9 a.m.

Land spanning from Rio Arriba and Sandoval counties.

The lease has been challenged and delayed with opposition 3 times. There are real fears of adverse effects on the nearby communities.

“That’s the purpose and reason for fighting it all along,” former Torreon council member Daniel Tso said of drilling’s risk to local residents. “They are opposed to it.”

The Bureau of Land Management, or BLM for short, launched a community outreach effort to receive input from the community. Tribal members raised objections to the lease over concerns for sacred land and worries…

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Defining Black Lives Matter – Part 3

We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident

Is Black Lives Matter a Racist, Anti-Cop Movement?

“Black Lives Matter.”  People of all colors march together chanting it.  Law enforcement officers have marched with protesters who support it. Yet, it’s accused by some, including politicians and former chiefs of police, of being “racist” and “anti-cop.” Why?6360388961552704001704709008_policechiefchrismagnusholdingupblacklivesmatterprotestsignposterartwork-1

In looking for answers to that question, maybe this post should be sub-titled how Black Lives Matter is re-defined by opponents because that seems to be the root of the re-defining.

A piece written by Riley Lewis on The Odyssey Online articulates the misunderstanding that people have about Black Lives Matter, and how it comes about because of those who claim support for Blue Lives Matter.

“The defensive nature that surrounds the use of blue lives matter is troubling. This situation doesn’t have to be a duality; either black lives matter or blue lives matter. The lives of cops are just as valuable…

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Social Self-Defense: Calling all Warriors of the Light

Three Worlds One Vision


Los Angeles is a fascinating place to live for its diversity of peoples. In the shopping mall, on the Santa Monica pier, the Venice Beach boardwalk (above photo), and other public spaces, I blend in with the crowd. I am at home amidst the range of skin color pigments and English-speaking accents.

In spite of our rich cultural diversity, racism, misogyny, and xenophobia still circulate beneath our thin skin. At a local coffee shop, I’ve had to wait much longer for my coffee than my white companion. At a writers’ meeting, a white female club member told me not to touch her. “It’s offensive,” she said with an angry tone.

On a sunny, windy, Sunday morning in Santa Monica, someone in a passing vehicle threw water in my face as I crossed the busy boulevard. Was it the color of my skin that the stranger considered offensive or was it…

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