Kindness Award Bouquet

Hunt4Truth has honored me by nominating me for this lovely bouquet of awards.

kindness award


versatileblogger113   awesome award

sunshine awardABC Award

I so appreciate the nomination and the kind thoughts.  I am touched beyond words that Hunt4Truth thinks of me as kind of heart and feels that I am right for this award.  Thank you Eric.

For this Bouquet of Awards, there are no rules.

Here are my nominees:

  1. Cassidy Frazee
  2. BlueSage63
  3. Joe Bradshaw
  4. Ganesh
  5. ProfessionsForPeace
  6. WaitingforSomeday

Tune of the night

Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

Rays of sunshine
Never allow dreams
Into you
Into me

Hm hmmm hmmm hm
Hm hmmm hmmm hm

When it gets dark
Our fantasies spark
Into you
Into me

Aspirations and goals
Become fodder of souls
Into you
Into me

Lights, evening lights
Put sparkle and delight
Into you
Into me

Witches throw spells
Memories just exhale
Into you
Into me

History just extends
Story never ends
Into you
Into me

Hm hmm hmm hm
Hm hmm hmm hm

This is one of my crazy ideas to create a soul tune with this, suggestions welcome!

20140105-032543 am.jpg

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Your Happy List – Part 1

Share With Us @ Clouds N Cups

Be happy.

It’s one way of being wise.

Sidonie Gabrielle Colette

Happy List 1 - Pure Glory

❤ A big thank you to Pure Glory for sharing his happiness with us! ❤

Happy List 2 - Cathie2014

❤ A big thank you to Cathie2014 for sharing her happiness with us! ❤

Happy List 3 - awax1217

❤ A big thank you to Awax1217 for sharing his happiness with us! ❤

Happy List 4 - Maggie Thom

❤ A big thank you to Maggie Thom for sharing her happiness with us! ❤

Happy List 5 - Yvonne

❤ Awww….Yvonne is such a sweet sweet soul!!!!! ❤

 Muahk~ Muahk~ Muahk~ 

😀 I am clapping my hands and stomping my feet really really really hard!! 😀

I am really happy right now and I do hope I can be a little wiser at the same time…hehe…


Care to share with us so that we can be happy with you lovely souls out there as well?

Till then,

Happy Sharing!!

Cheers & TTFN~…

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