Angel Award – For One and All Who Come Here



Thank you to Dr. Rex for this lovely award, created by  Kentucky Angel’s Trains Wreck’s.

In Kentucky Angel’s own words:

“I’ve been working on this for a long, long time. I have created my own award.

Angel Award For Blogging Excellence

I know the caption says For Blogging Excellence but it’s actually for the angels in my life. And that means all of you who read my posts. So everyone who reads this stop by and pick one up. No strings, no rules. You are all my angels, and I can’t name you all. So I will probably just stop in at every blog and let you know it’s here. And feel free to pass it on to all your friends and followers. You can never have enough angels in your life.”


I am pleased and honored to accept the specific nomination from dear Dr. Rex.  I, too, will be nominating some specific people, those wonderful, special visitors to my blog who always read, and comment, and provide sweet encouragement to what I do.

I cannot mention everyone, of course, and if you just stop by and read, you are my Angel, too — so pick it up and take it with you 😉

There are no strings and no rules.

  1. pujakins
  2. RoSy
  3. Sue Dreamwalker
  4. Carol Carlisle
  5. Linne
  6. Jackie Saulmon-Ramirez
  7. Seyi Sandra
  8. Inavukic
  9. Brenda