A Desperate World

No matter where you live on our planet, the countries are filled with hatred, selfishness, a lack of compassion and empathy. People who are marginalized in their countries are angry and want change. They lack the education or the will to use positive tools to bring justice and peace to the world. Guns, hatred, meanness, rifles, bombs, and attacking perfect strangers will not make your life better or happier.

Every person wants to make their life better.  You need to do this. You can do this. You don’t need to cause pain and suffering if that is what is in your life. Your life can be improved. Many people have done just that.


The desperate  state of the world calls us to action. Each of us has a responsibility to try to help at the deeper level of our common humanity. Unfortunately, humanity is too often sacrificed in defense of ideology. This is absolutely wrong.


Political systems should actually benefit human beings, but, like money, they can control us instead of work for us. Humankind must seek harmony among nations, ideologies, cultures, ethnic groups, and economic and political  systems.When we truly recognize the oneness of all humankind, our motivation to find peace will grow stronger.


In the deepest sense we are really sisters and brothers, so we must share one another’s suffering. Mutual respect, trust, and concern for one another’s welfare are our best hope for lasting world peace.


Of course, national leaders have a special responsibility in this area, but every individual must also take the initiative, regardless of religious belief or political affiliation. Just by being human, by seeking to gain happiness and avoid suffering, you are a citizen of this planet. We are all responsible for creating a better future.


To achieve a friendly attitude, a warm heart, respect for the rights of others, and concern for their welfare, you must train the mind. All forms of meditation cultivate an attitude of compassion and calm. It creates a state of mind particularly crucial in human society today for its power to yield true harmony among nations, races, and people from diverse religious, political and economic systems.  WE ARE ALL ONE!








My neighborhood pond, Autumn.   Photographed and copyrighted by Barbara Mattio 2013

At my development.Photographed and copyrighted by Barbara Mattio 2014



What the world needs now

What the world needs now

Breaking News

I had to share this with all of you. There has been a school shooting north of Seattle. I hope the NRA and the GOP are happy. More of our precious children suffering and being frightened by violence. If you want a gun, leave America. Your happiness is not as important as the lives of innocent American adults and children. An active shooter made it inside and began shooting. They know two students have been shot. They are being airlifted to a hospital in Seattle. The shooting took place in the cafeteria. They feel the shooter is at large. It just happened and the police are there and parents are being notified. I will follow up as they announce more information.

The Dalai Lama and Peace and Kindness

As many of you know, the current Dalai Lama is the reincarnation of the previous Dalai Lama. He is the secular and spiritual head of the Tibetan people. When the Dalai Lama was  fifteen years of age, the Chinese government invaded Tibet and the young Dalai Lama was smuggled out of the country into India. I have had the privilege of meeting the Dalai Lama and the experience of being in his amazing radiance and energy. Even before I met him, I had read the story  of his escape and exile many years before and was fascinated by the Tibetan people, their Tibetan Buddhism, and the Dalai Lama. Some people continue to live in Tibet, many more followed the Dalai Lama into exile. Some live in various countries around the world. Like other marginalized peoples, they have become wanderers on our planet.


It is important for us to recognize that this insightful, compassionate, humorous, and marvelous person rose from Tibetan culture. When he looks into someone’s eyes, he sees their soul. In his own words, he says that any time he meets a stranger, he accepts them as a friend. He says we have all met before and as human beings share the same basic goals. We all seek happiness and do not want suffering.


Peace begins within each of us. We can choose to erupt in anger and violence or, if you have peace of mind, you can find happiness even under the most difficult circumstances. This shows the impact of a good mental attitude.


We are all born helpless. Without a parent’s kindness we could not survive, much less proper. When children grow up in constant fear, with no one to rely on, they suffer their whole lives. Because the minds of small children are very delicate, their need for kindness is particularly obvious.


Adult human beings need kindness too. If someone greets me with a nice smile, and expresses a genuinely friendly attitude, I appreciate it very much. They instantly gladden my heart.


Many of our problems stem from attitudes like putting ourselves first at all costs. I know from my own experience that it is possible to change these attitudes and improve the human mind.


Today, much of the world is now connected by a web of electronic communications. Yesterday, there was terrorism in Canada and here in America we knew immediately. China is trying to intimidate its neighbors and again we know and our government responds. Our twenty-first century technology has made nations and their people heavily dependent upon one another.


So hate, genocide, war and other forms of violence are felt around the world, not just in the country in which they occur. We must stop all wars and nuclear weapons. The Dalai Lama has visited Hiroshima, Japan, where the first atomic bomb was dropped. This must never happen again. He spoke to survivors and their families and his heart was touched. Thousands and thousands of people dead in a matter of moments. War creates much pain and desolation, yet millions of dollars, or whatever currency is in use in other countries, are spent on weapons of mass destruction.


The only way to achieve lasting peace is through mutual trust, respect, love and kindness. Attempts by global powers to dominate one another through competition in armaments—whether nuclear, chemical, biological, or conventional—is counterproductive. External peace is impossible without inner peace.









A relic found in the Japanese cities bombed by America to end WWII

A relic found in the Japanese cities bombed by America to end WWII


Achieve peace with understanding.

Achieve peace with understanding.



NYT headlines when atomic bomb was dropped. Many thousands killed instantly.

NYT headlines when atomic bomb was dropped. Many thousands killed instantly.


There is no Plan B or Planet B

There is no Plan B or Planet B



Beauty of LIfe Award





Because of the importance of Human Beings taking action to save our planet, Mother Earth, I have designed this award to thank all the bloggers who through their blogs and their efforts show that they love and respect Mother Earth, and do what they can to save our precious and beautiful Planet.  This award is a reminder that there is no Plan B, and no Planet B.

The Rules have to do with you and your conscience:  when awarded this award, try to something good for the Planet every week.

Those who receive this award will be the bloggers who have brought to light the necessity of saving our Planet, and who encourage others to help in this important fight, through their words, art and deeds.

The very first recipients of this award are:

  1. Victo Dolore
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A Big Heart

The Big Heart


Big heart,

wide as a watermelon,

but wise as birth,

there is so much abundance

in the people I have:

Max, Lois, Joe, Louise,

Joan, Marie, Dawn,

Arlene, Father Dunne,

and all in their short lives

give to me repeatedly,

in the way the sea

places its many fingers on the shore,

again and again

and they know me,

they help me unravel,

they listen with ears made of conch shells,

they speak back with the wine of the best region.

They are my staff.

They comfort me.


They hear how

the artery of my soul has been severed

and soul is spurting out upon them,

bleeding on them,

Messing up their clothes,

dirtying their shoes.

And God is filling me,

though there times of doubt

as hollow as the Grand Canyon,

still God is filling me

He/she is giving me the thoughts of dogs,

the spider inits intricate web,

the sun

in all its amazement,

and a slain ram

that is the glory,

the mystery of great cost,

and my heart,

which is very big,

I promise it is very large,

a monster of sorts,

takes it all in—

all in comes the fury of love.

—Anne Sexton



“Too many things are occurring for even a big heart to hold”

—From an essay by W. B. Yeats






May Peace Prevail

May Peace Prevail

Asian Slave Trade: Kidnapping, Prison Ships, Humanity At Its Worst


This is a human rights post.

Originally posted on Peace and Freedom:

Muhammed Ariful Islam, 22, a Dhaka painter who was held captive on a ship before being abandoned on a remote island, cries at a government shelter in Takua Pa district of Phang Nga October 17, 2014.  Credit: REUTERS/Athit Perawongmetha

PHANG NGA ThailandWed Oct 22, 2014 1:05am EDT

(Reuters) – When Afsar Miae left his home near Teknaf in southern Bangladesh to look for work last month, he told his mother, “I’ll see you soon.” He said he expected to return that evening.

He never did.

When he reported for work at a house on the outskirts of Teknaf, a man there gave him a drink of water. Soon, his eyelids sagged and his head started spinning.

When he awoke, it was dark. He had lost all sense of time. Two Bangladeshi men then forced him and seven others onto…

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