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Originally posted on Envisioning Future:

I am the one you claimed to have fallen in love ,
But threw acid on me when you found out that I can’t be yours forever;
I am the one to whom you promised a companionship of here and above,
But when I turned down the implication of a huge dowry, your answer was never;

I am your dedicated office employee,
yes, the one who you sexually harassed;
I am your class fellow, your neighbour, your cousin,
yes, the one you got to gang-rape at long last;

I am your loving daughter,
yes, the one who you gave away to settle disputes;
I am your loyal wife,
yes, the one who you abuse before indulging into your pleasurable pursuits.

I am a woman!

Footage of a wedding scene, filmed on a mobile, recently reached the news stations a couple of days ago. The video depicted two boys dance as four…

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